DEL MAAR Latin Swimwear

The world of design and fashion was always our dream, our purpose in life. This is how we, two Latin girls from Mexico and Peru, found our inspiration in Australia’s shores.

In a very hot day, we were enjoying a Sunday in Manly, Sydney, and admiring the fascination of Australians for the sun, sea and outdoor life. We thought that a great way to complement that fascination for life was to bring something from us to them, something from our Latin-American culture.
We found ourselves motivated by the cultural exchange and the welcome that Aussies have towards world cultures. We saw the opportunity to bring products with pure Latin essence that could boost the Australian fashion. This belief motivated us to expand the same idea to international shores when we noticed the amazing welcome and the huge desire of girls from many wonderful countries for embracing Latin fashion. 

For us fashion is passion and it reflects cultural roots. We want to share with all the girls around the world bikinis and swimwear with pure Latin-American essence.We bring to you and to world´s beaches, our culture and our nature so you can make it your own.

DEL MAAR is a “Latino-Australian” brand that features exclusive swimwear handmade in different Latin American countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Perú and Mexico. Our products are designed and manufactured by high quality and well-known Latin American bikini designers. Our pieces embrace a trendy Latin bikini style through their Brazilian/Latin bottom shape, their explosive mix of colours and prints, and their unique designs full of handmade details on them.
We believe each country has countless wonders and each culture is unique and beautiful. So we aim to link cultures around the world through fashion. We are here for you to feel Latino America.


Be part of DEL MAAR and enjoy…

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